Friday, June 15, 2012

Brenda and I - separated at birth

Brenda and I could easily have been separated at birth. We both gravitate to the greens and earthy tones. We both love to vacation in the north of Ontario. We have similar knitting styles and project choices. We both have LK-150 knitting machines, both gifted to us by our husbands.
At the Knitters Frolic, we both bought very similar yarn.
And we both knit up the Fleece Artist Zambezi mohair into machine knit versions of the Whisper sweater (or vest, in Brenda's case). She did hers in pieces, while mine was one swath of fabric, with after thought sleeves that I put in using the three needle bindoff.

I still have to finish the fronts, hem the sleeves, and possible add some length to the whole thing. It's a work in progress, and kind of a unique item. Very sheer, yet immensely warm. Fitted sleeves, but drapey front.
I have enough of the yarn left over to make something small that may coordinate. We'll see. Like I said, a work in progress.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh....nice! It looks like a watercolour. - Susan

Needles said...

That looks gorgeous.

Brendaknits said...

Very Nice. Knit just like the pattern, then?

KnitTech said...

Can't wait to see the finished project.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Cant wait to see it finished!

It's fun to have someone that you have a lot in common with.