Friday, March 02, 2012

the stocking project continues

While I get over the epic fail of the floral yoke sweater, and try and decide on my next sweater project (had one ready to go, until I realized i didn't have enough yarn - argh!), I've been working on the Christmas stocking project. As you may recall, my plan is to make three stockings (for Me, Husband and Boy), using up a small part of my stash of Briggs and Little. I was hoping for a rustic look, using multiple colours and pattern bands.
Well, it's working. I've got one done, and started the second. I'm loving how they are turning out, especially since I'm not really doing any advance planning. I pick a pattern, choose some colours, knit it, then go on to the next. I admit to ripping back once or twice when colours weren't working out, but other than that, I'm really happy with this:
I think my favourite motif so far is the reindeer one:
Then there's the bells:
The zig-zaggy pattern leading into the heel (an afterthought heel of course!):
The trees that lead into the toe:
And the start of the second stocking:
Those blank parts at the top are edged top and bottom by Latvian braids, and I will duplicate stitch our names in the area, once we all decide which one we want.
I've started the second motif on the second stocking - this one is ornaments. As much as I will sort of let the boys choose, the first one will probably be for my son, the second of the husband, and the third one for me - I'm keeping the angels and bows motifs for me. (Along with a reindeer - there might be a reindeer on each of them...)


KnitTech said...

Wow, totally amazing.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the stockings!!!
And yes, absolutely a reindeer on each one!

Sigrun said...

Love the rustic stockings. Must get my eyes checked: i thought the bells were beehives--no excuse except that I just spent the whole day seeding onions in the greenhouse, and resting my sore neck on the back of the rocker put the monitor screen at a weird angle that changed the pictures. The bells are so appropriate. If I wasn't cross-stitching my family's stockings (and have all the kits already) I'd be tempted to knit them.

Needles said...

Lookin great!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Oh wow!

Didn't Xmas just finish? Lol. I am not ready to talk about Xmas 2012!

Acorn to Oak said...

So cute!