Friday, March 30, 2012

I've been sewing again...

The weather we've been having lately has been unbelievable - quite warm and sunny, more like May or June than March. I was talking to a friend at the cottage, and they said the ice is out - that's the earliest any of us can remember.
My son has requested new pajama shorts - the long flannel pants were just too warm, and he only had a couple of pairs that still fit from last year.
I was of course, happy to oblige.

From left to right -Superman and Batman, (which it seems, are still cool amongst the teenagers), and a dalmatian print (an homage to my husband's family, who owned a dalmatian for 15 years).

Then there was a little something for me. I had this chiffon print sitting around forever it seems, and finally decided to make a loose floaty tunic.

So I did. And I love it. And it's made me want to do more sewing, so that's what I did for much of the weekend. I'm still knitting on stuff - my son wants his sweater, and I'm so close to finishing it, so I kind of hope it cools off for a bit so he can wear it.

And an update on last week's Regional Besketball tournament - the boy's team won their pool, and the first round of elimination, but lost in the final four. A great showing, and they played so well - so proud of this bunch of kids! Top four in all of York Region is pretty impressive!


KnitTech said...

Claps for the boys!

Acorn to Oak said...

Yeah for the team! :-)

I'm impressed and amazed again at how fast you can make things! Wow! Three new pairs of shorts and a new top in one weekend! That's incredible!

I love your new tunic. It looks so comfortable and the fabric is so pretty!

I really need to get to work on the sewing projects I've bought patterns, fabric and notions for!

Brendaknits said...

Your PJ bottoms are great. This summer grand duaghter #2 and I are going to tackle them. It will be her first sewing experience Your fabric from India is over the moon. Gorgeous.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Top 4! Wow!

Lucky kid - those pj shorts are awesome!

Sigrun said...

I've lost my sewing mo-jo. I used to do a lot of sewing for family and for spending money, whole wedding parties, etc. I have a huge stash of fabrics, notions, patterns, etc. I decided to give up sewing for others. but my dear "older" neighbor/friend, said "but you haven't ever sewed anything for me", so we went shopping for fabric, and I just don't want to do it. I think that one is the blockage. I put myself on a yarn diet this year, and decided to try to find fabric in my stash to go with every sweater I knit, but can't get past the neighbour's outfit waiting patiently.