Friday, February 03, 2012

why I don't write patterns

Who the heck could translate what is happening here?

The sweater continues, it looks the same as before, but with a body's worth (almost!) of a green stockinette tube under the patterning. I'm about to put the bottom stitches on a thread, and start the sleeves. Then comes the steek, then I have to decide on an edging. Again, I've consulted Susan, and we have thrown a few ideas about, I will swatch a few to see how they work, and I may post the results to get opinions. Or not. I may just go with what I like. Because after all, it's for me!


Brendaknits said...

Go with what you like. There are no kniitting plice - that's my mottto.

KnitTech said...

Yea, that looks like my knitting notes from time to time. But with the iPad (and phone) there is a lot less writing for me to do.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Writing patterns is indeed hard. I am trying to configure my Team Canada Sweater into a pattern. I am better at writing sock patterns than garments.