Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Susan has been busy

Since Susan (aka LuckyCanuck) stopped blogging oh so long ago, she had no where to showcase her fabulous knits. That's where I come in. When she remembers to send me pictures of her knits, I always ask if I can post them, and she always says yes (hence the wedding shawl post a while back). This time around, she has sent me TWO projects she recently completed.

Some Mittens:

and a Hat:

The hat you may recognize - she and I bought the same Chullo pattern from Knit Picks, but used dramatically different colourways. (Mine was in greys and greens for my son, and hers are this wonderful warm combination of oranges, reds and purples. Her words:
"the colour choices really did the work. Something about that Lilac just made them pop. I'd absolutely revisit making another one. You're right, it was a fast knit once I got through those silly ear flaps. (I had to convince her that the ear flaps were a pain, but the rest of the hat just flies).Now if only it would get nice and cold so I could wear it". (The Greater Toronto Area has not been experiencing our normal winter - we've been noticeably warmer for months.)

The mittens - Well, I can't remember the name of them - They are from Interweave (the most recent one, I think) - Susan will chime in in the comments to name the pattern. She used Fleece Artist Sea Wool, fingering weight. Again, her words: "something that's been languishing in my stash for a few years, I think, and I didn't even use one skein. I cut off the colour name from the tag it appears. But it does look great with my kelly green coat. Now if only it would get cold enough to wear the coat, I'd be a lot happier!"

Susan is one of those that likes the cold weather so she can wear her multitudes of coats and accessories. Me I'm waiting for the really warm so I can get back to the flip flops...


Lucky Canuck said...

Say, thanks! Thanks also for letting me add to some blogging posts.

As for those mittens, they're called Offset Cabled Mittens and they are in this year's winter Interweave Knits issue. Very easy to do and the staggered cables and ribbing pattern is really fun to do.

KnitTech said...

That hat is lovely. I agree on the purple really making it pop.

Acorn to Oak said...

Great mittens! I like the texture, the length and the color. And, that hat! The colors are great. She's right...that lilac really does make the whole thing pop.

I'm wondering why she gave up blogging? She has such great things to blog about. Thanks for sharing them on your blog.

Happy knitting to both of you! :-D

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Nice projects!

It's been super warm here too / odd for Montreal. It was +7C today here.