Monday, January 09, 2012

hostess gift

My SIL hosted the whole family for Christmas this year (In my husband's family, we rotate each year between three of us - I get it next year). While we don't exchange Christmas gifts among our generation (it's mostly for the kids and the parents), I always like to bring a hostess gift to whoever is feeding us.

Of course, me being me, It's usually something handcrafted (even the bag!) And before anyone starts accusing me of going over the top (which I know I do on occasion...) sewing a bag out of leftover fabric from a recent sewing project took less time than trying to find a box to fit, and wrap it)

This particular SIL (wife of my husband's brother) and I are quite good friends (by choice, not just because we share a family!), and she had been hinting around for a while for a gnome. Her living room is mostly a mustard gold tone, with brown leather furniture, hence the colour choice - she had said she didn't want a particularly Christmassy one, as she planned on having him sitting around all year. Yes, the hints were that specific!
She loved him, and he immediately found a home on a suspiciously empty table (I think she had high hopes this year!) The funniest comment came from my other SIL (husband's younger sister). She hosted everyone last year, and for whatever reason, decided to serve dinner 3 hours earlier than usual, which meant they ate without us. (we were not going to cut short time with my family to accommodate that - especially since no reason for moving up the time was given...) We arrived to find they had all eaten, and were cleaning up, but had left us plates of food - "oh by the way, the microwave isn't working". So we were expected to eat it cold, all the while being rushed so they could open the gifts - "are you done yet - everyone is waiting!". (and this is the same SIL that brought the new boyfriend unexpectedly this year).
Yeah, there are some issues with my husband's sisters - I just try to ignore it.
Anyhoo, when SIL-1 opened the gnome, SIL-2 exclaimed "I love him! Why didn't I get one last year when I hosted?"

Two beats of silence, then I answered. "You didn't host us, remember? You ate without us".

She had the decency to look abashed. SIL-1 hid the giggles (she was appalled at what happened last year, and even sat with us while we scarfed what we could). It was probably the only mar on a great Christmas Day, but as my husband said after - it wasn't really a bad thing - his sister needs that kind of reminder.
Either way, another gnome has found a new home, and it's a happy one. That's the important thing.


Needles said...

So sweet! I love him and the co-ordinating bag.

KnitTech said...

Way cute!

Awesome dealing with SIL2, sometimes they do need to be smacked with a clue-by-four.

Brendaknits said...

I admire your quick thinking. families - gotta love em!

Sigrun said...

Luv the gnome. Wish I knew how to make one.

Carol said...

I love you gnomes. one day I too shall make one. Cause my queue isn't long enough already! As for the SIL who ate without you, well, I like the fact that you didn't pussyfoot about. People can't fix their behaviour if they aren't told about it!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Love the gnome!

You handles SIL-2 nicely. I can't believe she had the nerve to ask you where her gnome was!

Knit and Purl Mama said...


Knit and Purl Mama said...
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