Thursday, January 05, 2012

Christmas dessert

My SIL asked me to bring dessert to Christmas dinner - since she was doing the turkey dinner for 14 (sorry, make that 15 with the unexpected boyfriend...) I was happy to help. I had some sugar cookies, some peppermint bark (thanks for the recipe, Stephanie!), and some fruit, but my favourite part was these Santa Hat Brownies.

 (Idea totally stolen from one of Robyn's Monday Link Loves). So easy - I baked a pan of brownies, cut them out with a circle cutter, piped some butter cream icing on top, added a fresh strawberry, and topped the berry with a little pompom of icing. Simple, yet so ridiculously cute! And really well received. I had also sent some to the boy's school for the last day party - again, well received. I can see doing these every year - not only do they look cute, the flavour combination of the fresh strawberry with a touch of chocolate and vanilla icing was delicious!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the Santa Hat Brownies!!!
What a great idea!

Sigrun said...

Love this idea. Definitely will be in my repertoire.

Brendaknits said...

That is the best dessert ever!

KnitTech said...

We had mice. Chocolate covered cherries (with stem), with slivered almonds as ears and a kiss as the nose. They were sitting on half an oreo. Way cute.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Those came out cute! Glad you used the recipe!