Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween review

Halloween on a weekend makes it so much easier to decorate. My husband becomes a big kid himself - anytime it has to do with entertaining kids, he's all for it.
my favourite "pumpkin in jail" carving

We spent much of Saturday and Sunday doing up the walkway and deck, as well as carving pumpkins.

Sunday night, we sent Robin Hood off with his friends, and prepared to greet all the trick or treaters.

Yes, his face is fuzzed out - he's actually quite handsome!

This bat swooped down on you as you made your way to the deck

 And this upside down hanging corpse just got better looking as the night wore on...

 he's caught in a giant spider web, and is being cocooned...

The best part of him was the walkie talkie hidden in his head - my husband had him speaking to people - we caught many an unsuspecting parent off guard!
There were other surprises - a remote controlled giant bug that came after you as you came up the walk, and hanging spiders that you brushed against.

Yes - we are giant kids at heart!


Needles said...

Cool,very very cool. We had 2 sets of kids before 6 pm. They did not ring the doorbell, though and I did not hear them. I saw the car drive out the one time, and I heard the door shut the 2nd time. I wonder if the door bell is working? That was it. Slow night.

Lucky Canuck said...

Love your set up and it's more fun than Christmas to me. My parents get not too many kids now - everyone is growing up. And my mom has a rule for the big galoots coming to the door. If you can shave, you get nuthin.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That jail pumpkin made me laugh!

Anonymous said...


Brenda said...

That looks like great fun. We had 205 kids. I think Lucky Canuck's Mom's rule will become a rule here too.

KnitTech said...

Looks like you had lots of fun!!