Thursday, November 25, 2010

turkey day for some...

As a Canadian, I celebrated our Thanksgiving last month. Usually, I'm in Florida right around this time, enjoying some golf, some sun, and seeing my Mom. But this year, with the job uncertainty and such, I didn't go. (I'm still hoping to snag a few days in the spring when she's back down).

She's spending Thanksgiving with friends, and I'll be wishing I was watching the Parade on TV, and trying not to look outside at the rainy cold weather, while I imagine I'm in Largo, FL, helping Mom with a turkey, and planning our shopping excursions for the next day. As it is, Mom has a big enough list of stuff she's after - she's not crazy about it, and doesn't get up early, but she usually finds some deals.
To my American Friends - enjoy this time with family and friends, whether you're together in person or in spirit.

Wish I was there.

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AlisonH said...

Happy Thanksgiving! And I hear you--if we had been able to afford it we would have flown all our kids home. We do promise them Thanksgiving at home during their first undergraduate year away, and so we have our youngest here.