Friday, October 29, 2010

what I've been sewing for myself

The Robin Hood costume took up a fair bit of my time, but I did manage to sew up the Kashmere fleece coat I wanted for myself.
It's the same pattern as the eyelet linen blend jacket I made, but I made the coat longer, and used the recommended fleece for it.
One nice thing about fleece - it self finishes the edges, so again, it's a pretty quick sew.

The jacket is meant to hang loose and open, but after trying it on, I added something else.
the tie belt really finishes it off. I have to say, the coat really does look better on me - this mannequin is great for in progress fitting and storing my works in progress, but for modelling, it just doesn't cut it. When I have it on without the belt, it doesn't balloon out like I'm egg shaped. (I mean, I'm slightly egg shaped, but not like this shows!) But the belt really makes it. It has pockets, and a cosy collar, and big cuffs, so I can see a lot of use for this when I have to go out this fall.
I promise some modeled shots one of these days - it's easier now that I mostly work at home.
But... how about modeled shots of the Rowan sweater instead?

I'm wearing it today - I have a lunch date with some former co-workers.

Robin Hood went of to school today in a bag - they change after lunch for the party. I think I may head over to the school later to see some of the costumes.
And yes, he's already picked next year's costume - a severed head in a jar. I had to show him the picture, didn't I...


Lucky Canuck said...

I love them both! And the fleece turned out great. A belt really finishes a piece.

Brenda said...

I do love your Rowan sweater. See you're still into flip flops.

Acorn to Oak said...

That coat is awesome! I love it! Great sweater too. :-)

KnitTech said...

The Rowan sweater is lovely.

Carol said...

that fleece coat looks FABULOUS! And the sweater ain't too shabby either ;)