Thursday, October 14, 2010

a confession

I confess, I'm a full blown fibre snob. I like the natural fibres - wool, silk, alpaca, cotton and the like. But, there are some acrylic blends I will use, and I do like a bit of nylon in my socks for wearability.

What I really don't like are acrylics and mostly-acrylic blends that try to masquerade as wool. The Red Hearts, The Shetland Chunkys and the like. They aren't wool, and should stop pretending they are. I know natural fibres are more expensive, but for the most part, you can find great wools for good prices. Patons Classic Wool, and any of the Knit Picks wools will do the trick.

So I have to confess to this: I knit this last night for a friend of mine. She mentioned that she'd like a funky black and white scarf about 2 years ago. We've worked together for about 3 years, and have become great friends - sharing lunch many times a week. We're both moving on this week, and won't see each other much now. While I can't bear fun fur, this Frill Seeker hit the mark. I saw it at Tove's shop last week, and knew that, not only would Mary adore it, but so would so many people I like to knit for. (I've tried to educate them, I really have...)

I knit a scarf in an evening - it's perfect for people I like, but don't want to commit to an entire sweater or lace shawl for.
I have 4 more balls of it, and this will clear off a chunk of my Christmas list easily. And the recipients will love these scarves more than Noro, more than Misti Alpaca, more than the good stuff. It kills me to admit it, but really, forcing my likes and dislikes on others hasn't worked in the past, so I'm caving.

So why do I feel vaguely dirty?


Anonymous said...

Can you tell us the pattern?

Needles said...

I'm still in shock over how fast the Frill Seeker sold out at the store.

And whatever you do, don't look at the yarn catalogues this season. Scary. Fun for some, but very scary for me.

Lucky Canuck said...

Sometimes, you have to bite into the Big Macs of the yarn world. So bad. And it tastes so goooood.

TracyKM said...

Is this similar to the ruffle yarn that were popular a few years ago?
I know how you feel about natural fibers, etc, but look at it from another way too...there are some really lousy/cheap natural fibers and there are some really good/unique acrylics that there just can't be a natural substitute for. You're using the BEST yarn for the job, there should be no regrets, guilt, or feeling dirty! (It's not like you're using a dollar store yarn and trying to pass it off as something it's not! LOL)

Wannietta said...

I saw it at Knit & Quilt when I was there a couple of weeks ago & have to admit to an attraction. Seeing your post reminded me about it - it's a novelty scarf yarn at the perfect time of year, it'll go like hot cakes!!
Of course this one is nice because it's a bit interesting to knit up too.
No Shame darlin'!!

Anonymous said...

Go back and read the last couple of sentences. You'll feel better. You've made someone very happy, and that's the real goal.

Now. Go stash-diving for some luscious Misti and cast on a gorgeous little shawl/scarf for yourself.


Sel and Poivre said...

I understand TOTALLY.

Oh that I could confine such feelings to knitting! What about Scotch and Fine Chocolate and Movies and about a million other things!

Nonetheless, for what it is, (and isn't!), that is a great scarf and a wonderful and thoughtful gesture!

Brenda said...

From one fibre snob to another - I love it! Such a fun knit.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I'm a HUGE fiber snob as well! I hate acrylic with a capitol letter. I can't stand anything novelty either (no mohair, no fun fur, no chenile, no ribbon yarn, nada.. ICK!)

But you're making someone else's day. So that's what matters.

KnitTech said...

It's pretty. Never heard or seen that brand before.

Jen said...

I think it's a fun yarn and you can't achieve the same effect with any other. Sometimes it's good to give somebody a gift that you didn't invest hundreds of hours of your precious time and money into, especially when they won't appreciate it any more anyway (we both know who we're talking about).

Carol said...

this is really cool. Is the pattern one that comes with the yarn?