Friday, March 12, 2010

okay, I lied

I did swatch the Rowan, and what do you know, my gauge turned out to be EXACTLY what they said it would be on the ball band. This is why I don't swatch - it either comes out to the exact recommended gauge, or it lies.

But whereas I said I would use my Sweater Wizard to design the sweater, turns out I only used it to see if there would be enough wool to complete the type of sweater I want. So I'm not using the software for the pattern, I'm doing what I always seem to do - getting a general idea of how many stitches to start, and going from there. I think I may do cables along the raglan increases for some textural interest, possibly some colourwork banding if the yarn I'm thinking of using has a similar enough gauge. I'll increase until the raglans are long enough, and the sweater fits over the girls. I will use less ease than I normally allow, as all my sweaters come out bigger than I want them. (A carry over from not liking sweaters that are too tight - but too tight, and nicely fitted are two different things - I just have to convince myself of this issue.

However, I'm still holding off starting this for two reasons:

1. I'm making great progress on my olive green rayon/cotton cardigan - I'm very close to completing the body, and then there's the sleeves and front band. I really love this yarn (Luna, from Elann, bought eons ago), and I'm pretty sure I have another bag of it, in black, somewhere.
I'd show pictures, but I've left my memory card reader at home, and can't download the pictures. Next week, I promise.

2. I'm actually rethinking what I'm going to make with this lovely lime-y green Rowan. Yesterday, I received my copy of the pattern for Elizabeth Zimmerman's Green Sweater, and after reading Brenda's account of how nicely it worked up, I checked the gauge, and the Rowan would work almost perfectly. Hmmm, same old raglan pullover, or nice new cardigan pattern...


TracyKM said...

"The Rowan would work almost perfectly" LOL. How often does that get us into trouble? I've been working on a sweater on my standard gauge machine, and the gauge was "almost" the same as the pattern (1st over 4" difference! but 10 rows over 4") and it's been headache city!
Can't wait to see the cardigan!

Brenda said...

Plus the EZ cardigan would look great with elbow length sleeves, making it a great summer sweater.
Gets my vote.

AlisonH said...

I made four sweaters in high school that all fit perfectly. I didn't know a thing about gauge swatches. I didn't know you couldn't just sit down and start with any old yarn, as long as you used the size needles the pattern said, right? And somehow I got those sweaters that came out right.

The ignorance of youth. Finding out later that there was a way to measure ahead of time was a complete surprise.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

One can see how nice and soft this yarn must be even on your blog. Looking forward to seeing this perhaps at the next meeting. But from what I can see you have sooo many projects you probably will bring along.....all very nice. Love your "Just enough ruffles scarf" too. Hope I have not missed seeing it last time