Monday, March 29, 2010

okay, I lied yet again

I know I said I was going to use my lime green Rowan Yorkshire Tweed for a self designed top down raglan sweater. I even swatched for it, and made plans.

Then I started looking through books - especially Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard. I matched some gauges, and admired some patterns, and, well, gauge and admiration matched up with this:
Slinky Ribs. (Gotta admit, I hate the name. Slinky is not something one associates with me, nor is it an attribute I aspire to...)

But I love the sweater. I'm much farther ahead than this shows - it starts at the shoulder - you knit down the back to the armscye, then pick up along the shoulders for the fronts, knit them down, and join the underarms. I'm almost to the point of joining the front (under the button placket. (The turquoise is the waste yarn used for the provisional cast on, and is gone now).
It's knitting up quite nicely - Yorkshire Tweed is quite rustic, and I think it suits the style of this sweater - I'm pretty sure I have enough yarn for long sleeves, which is good, as a wool sweater with short sleeves makes no sense to me.
I'm still waiting for my Briggs and Little yarn for the Elizabeth Zimmerman Green sweater (which will be cream for me, red for a friend). I'm hoping it's delayed for a while longer - once it arrives, I'm going to want to start it, and I want to get this lime green one done first. Yes, I'm fickle and easily swayed - what's your point?


Sel and Poivre said...

I am so glad I came back to see the post with the pics included - it was worth the wait - it sounded so interesting but just could not picture it without, well seeing the pictures!

Carol said...

You lied????!?!! ::gasp, clutches pearls:: heh. Who hasn't been distracted by the 'Oooh! Shiny' in the knittin gworld

Needles said...

Blame it on spring. Its going to be lovely.

KnitTech said...

I know you, you'll modify the pattern.