Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DKC Knitters Frolic


DKC Knitters Frolic 2010 - Saturday, May 8, 2010

Susan (formerly LuckyCanuck) and I usually meet up for this. We meet early to snag good parking, then go off for a breakfast picnic while waiting for the doors to open.

This year we planned on window shopping more than actual shopping and hanging around the lounge area, knitting, eating and gabbing. I was looking forward to meeting up with people I know through the blog, and finally putting faces and voices to names. I was looking forward to seeing the class roster, and deciding what class to take. (and there are some that I would have LOVED to take...)

Then I went to put it on our calendar, and noticed it was the same day as the Boy's final basketball tournament. The one for the medals. The one where he will say goodbye to this level as he moves up an age group next year. The one where I AM THE COACH OF THE TEAM, and really can't blow it off.

So no Frolic for me. Have fun and OD on wool fumes for me, willya?


Lucky Canuck said...

No Frolic for me!! Must save! I am on yarn overload.

Needles said...

But...but...I live vicariously through you.

KnitTech said...

Sometimes it sucks to be a responible adult.

Sel and Poivre said...

Awwwww that stinks! I was hoping to get in your queue for a blogger meet up!

'Gotta put it down to age and stage - there'll always be a Frolic but kids, you have to enjoy them in the moment or miss it forever!

Brenda said...

You made the right choice, Coach. The KF will be there next year.