Thursday, March 18, 2010

answering questions and more random stuff

I always feel guilty when people ask me questions in the comments and I don't answer, so... I'm answering the ones I remember.

Brenda asked if the olive green sweater was my own design - yes it is. My favourite top down raglan style, this time with a v-neck. I wish I had written down some numbers, because I'm loving the way this is fitting so far, but of course, I didn't. I added the garter bands right under where I split for the sleeves, and a vertical line of garter down the middle of each front and in the back. I finished the bottom with another band of garter, adding a triangular increase section where the garter bands meet - it gives the hem a bit of interest. I'm still on the fence about this - we'll see if it stays. The sleeves are fitted, I'm decreasing 2 stitches every tenth row, and will again end with a garter band. I'll pick up stitches all around the front and neck, and again, do a garter band. I still have to decide on buttons - which ones, and where to put them, and how many. I'm not sure if I'll button all the way down, or just at the top. This fabric is a bit light to have too much weight on the front.

Nancy asked about Elizabeth Zimmerman's Green Sweater - what is it?

here's a direct quote from Schoolhouse Press (sixth pattern down):

This sweater was designed by Elizabeth Zimmermann and given to Joan Morhard Smith in the 1950s. Joan wished for her beloved sweater to be re-knit as the original sweater (at left) is almost 60 years old and could not be repaired. Designer Sunday Holm reconstructed the pattern replicating the original shaping of the garment. The sweater is worked from the bottom up with a mitered hem and "phoney seams." It is a cropped sweater with Dolman sleeves (we've seen this type of sweater sleeve in many clothing magazines lately) and is knit in the round to the shoulder. We give plenty of techniques (provisional co, phoney seams, securing steeks, EZ's icord button loops and more), along with an option for slimming the sleeve. Sizes (38, 42, 46, 48 chest circumference). Recommended gauge is 5 stitches to the inch.

At one time, you could order the kit and get the original green yarn (from Briggs and Little, I think??), but it's no longer available. Brenda (from the question above), made this her Olympic project, and reading her journey of making this sweater made me buy the pattern. I plan on making this my next big project The plan was to use the lime green Rowan Yorkshire Tweed I have, but now I think I'm going to order the original Sport Yarn from Briggs and Little. (Who am I kidding, I AM going to order the yarn...) I'm going off the track however, I'm thinking of Natural White for myself, and a beautiful red for a good friend. Maybe the Heather Blue as well...)

Multiple people have asked about my wrist. It's fine. It will always be a bother to me - I work on a computer all day, I knit as much as I can, and I use my hands a lot. (even when I talk - I'm half French, after all...) I don't know how to slow down and take things easy, I go full out too much of the time, and I pay the price a few times a year. I brace it, I see the doctor to make sure it's still the same old thing and I haven't done any serious damage, I listen to him lecture me on moderation, I nod, and then go back to my lifestyle. I have the same issue with my knee - two surgeries down, and trying to avoid another one. (so far, I've dodged that bullet). But I still play basketball with the kids, and walk a lot, so whatever happens, happens. It's all part of aging, I guess.

My son is coming into the office to spend the day with me today - it's March Break, and my work is fine with him spending the day - he's set up with a laptop, his Nintendo DS and some books. He didn't drive in with me - I leave way too early for his liking - my husband will drop him off on his way in to work. Tomorrow I'm taking the day off and I think the husband is as well (he's trying to rearrange things), so we may have a family day. Too bad we can't get to the cottage, but there is a basketball game on Saturday morning that we can't miss, so it looks like there will be some in-town fun in store for us.

If you're in the Toronto area - enjoy the rest of this fantastic week of spring weather, if you're elsewhere, I hope it's as nice for you as it is for us. Cheers!


Sel and Poivre said...

The weather couldn't be more perfect for a staycation kind of March Break couldn it? We're doing the same and also trying for a day together tomorrow. Enjoy the company of your boy today!

As for the EZ Green sweater - how fabulous to imagine it in red or white! Thanks for planting that seed in my brain!

Brenda said...

Thanks for the description of your olive sweater. It might be one I copy one day. I have been thinking that the 'green sweater' would make a great little summer cardigan - short sleeves - easy, fast knit.