Monday, February 01, 2010

pictures this time

I've been knitting on some small things. Mittens, cowls, scarves, and b00bs. Finally, I have pictures of the b00bs - I've made a few more that I haven't given MIL yet.

You really need to feel how luxuriously soft this is.

These are great stashbuster projects, and this green cotton (along with some white, some turquoise and some grey) are all stash yarns - cottons I'm using for an ongoing (forever and ever) blanket project. They use so little yarn, it won't be missed from the project. The cashmere/silk was bought specifically for the b00bs - if there is ever a project worthy of the $25ish for a single ball of wool, it's this. Can you imagine using a synthetic? Considering where it's going, wouldn't you want the softest, best quality natural fibre out there? There's no place for acrylic in b00bs. (Actually, my personal mantra is that there's no room for acrylic anywhere, but that's just me - we won't get into that discussion). And yes, I know the Mille Colori (for the entrelac scarf) is part acrylic. But it's not 100%, and this is one blend that actually feels like wool, not recycled 2 litre pop bottles. I admit, when I bought it I didn't read the label, so I didn't realized there was an acrylic content to it. So there are some nice acrylic blends out there - you just have to look.

But, back to the b00bs. MIL loves them, and that's what matters. She's home now and doing great. She sees the surgeon in a couple of days for a post op check up, and we get the pathology report in about a week. She's feeling great, but tired, so the food deliveries are helping quite a bit. Thanks for all the recommendations - tourtiere and lasagna were both recommended, but my Mom makes spectacular tourtiere and lasagna, and had stepped up to help. (I love my Mom!) This weekend I made a batch of broccoli soup, and a batch of barley vegetable soup, and froze portions. It seems MIL loves soup - it's her go-to comfort food, and so easy to make, so I'll get these down to her, when I drop off the latest selection of knitted b00bs.


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the pattern for the bOObs? They look fabulous and I'm sure were welcomed.
Marlyce in Windsor

Linda said...

Attitude and family support go a long way towards recovery. It sounds like your MIL has the right attitude and the rest of you are providing the support. Best wishes to her.

KnitTech said...

Those are great!

Brenda said...

The b00bs are great. I think I've said it before, but you are a great DIL.

Anonymous said...

Let me preface this by saying that I am not a fan of acrylic yarn either. But I have socks knit out of recycled pop bottles - and they feel quite alright.
They warm up as much as wool socks, but they just do not retain the heat for as long.
I would buy another pair without hesitation. Or knit them.

janeyknitting (AT) yahoo (DOT) ca
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