Tuesday, February 02, 2010


You'd think starting one new colourwork project would be enough, but, nooooo, not for me. I started the Icewine mittens, and loved the project. I wasn't even worried about my habit of never making the second mitten of a pair, I was enjoying this pattern so much. But the fact that it's dark green and dark red on small needles, and most of my knitting time is in the evenings, when the lighting is dodgy at best, this was a tough slog. Then Susan mentioned that she had started a pattern we both bought, the Owlie Cowl. Well, I had the yarn for it, and it was bright orange and green, and bigger needles, so yeah, I had to cast on this as well. So now I have two colourwork patterns on the go. I try to work on the mittens when the light is good, but my son has laid claim to the cowl, and would like it now. (Since in a 10-almost-11-year-old's world, there is only NOW, not LATER...)

I'm enjoying both patterns, so hopefully, nothing gets in my way of finishing them. But then I saw this... It's not colourwork, it's cables! I love cables...


Needles said...

Nice mittens and cowl, but in truth, it is really hard to top the boobs. They make me want to knit some even though I don't know anyone right now in need.

And long may it stay that way.

Anonymous said...

A friend gave me an OTT light which
plugs in, but also runs on battery.
It recharges while it is plugged in.
It is fabulous for "dark" work as it
can be placed anywhere, even tucked into your lap while knitting. She got this from London Yarns and Machines in London, Ontario.
Marlyce in Windsor

KnitTech said...

Spring is in the air. Startis is cropping up everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra
Wow you have been busy as I can see. Loved the Icewine Mittens they look even better when you see them.
The cowl will look nice on you or your son....I bet you he will get it. You could always make another one you get all the practice now. So it will be a easy task for you to make a second one incase you lose the battle with your son. Either way it would look great on both of you.
Enjoy your knitting