Wednesday, February 17, 2010

more Olympic thoughts and a DQ...

Maelle Ricker. You go girl! The first Canadian woman to win Olympic gold at home.

I forgot to mention how cool it was when an amazing group of Canadians brought in the Olympic flag. Donald Sutherland (who has been voicing the I Believe commercials), Betty Fox, Bobby Orr, Julie Payette, Anne Murray, Jacques Villeneuve, skater Barbara Ann Scott, Roméo Dallaire - what a fantastic representation of us.

k.d. lang singing Hallelujah. No words can describe this. She was amazing.

And now the sad news.

I've been disqualified from the Knitting Olympics.

The basis of this event was to choose a challenging project - make it worthy of the effort needed to win an Olympic medal. I thought my splinted wrist was going to cause me all kinds of problems, and severely limit my knitting time. It didn't, and my mother-in-law's cashmere shawl is done, blocked and awaiting delivery. I cannot, in all conscience, accept a medal for this. I feel like I've been caught doping, so I'm quietly withdrawing and considering myself a spectator only. As penance, I'm going to finish the Owlie Cowl, as well as other projects. Wrist pain be damned - Olympians should fight through the pain, and I didn't think that way.

In four years time, I'm going to make up for this. I promise.


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful shawl. How proud you must be, and how delighted your
mother-in-law will be. Finishing projects should be a special knitting olympics event. Sometimes that is more challenging than doing the knitting. Congratulations.
Marlyce in Windsor

Needles said...

I wondered how long it would take you. It took me only 2 days and I don't knit nearly as fast as you!

However,you were at the cabin, you have been watching tv more than your usual, so I think a complete disqualification might be a little much. Besides she is going to love it, and that is a gold medal performance in my books.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The shawl turned out beautifull. I can hardly wait to see the yarn at the shop. Your MIL will be touched, I am sure. Personally, I think you deserve a medal, you are such a true Canadian, proud but humble. Congratulations!

KnitTech said...

You can always start another project, no reason to sit on the side lines.

Anonymous said...

i don't see why finishing ahead of the pack should disqualify you!?
beautiful shawl!!!
i am glad that you mention the olympic flag and who carried it.
that really chocked me up!
KD was stupendeous!

Carol said...

1.that's a gorgeous shawl. Well done!
2. so pick something else that IS challenging and try to get IT done in the time left.

Anonymous said...

think or yourself as a speed skater and that was only the 1000m
you still have the 1500m 3000m and 5000m to go

Sigrun said...

I was also spellbound by KD Lang's performance. But I thought DQ was going to be a post about Dairy Queen. I'm disappointed in that part. I think you deserve a medal for finishing such a lovely piece--and giving it to someone, no less.

Acorn to Oak said...

That's beatiful!!! Congratulations! I'm not sure if I understand why you're disqualifying yourself?? Did you knit this in one week?? This would definitely be a gold medal project! You could always go for another gold by starting another project.