Tuesday, June 30, 2009

didja miss me?

It's not like I went anywhere (okay, I spent the weekend at the cottage, but I have been around since then). I took a couple of days off, leading into to tomorrow's Canada Day Holiday, but, like most working Mom's, when I take two days off, i spend then running around, doing more things than one person should really be doing in two days. My husband doesn't get it. He gets home and wonders "just what did you do all day?" I restrained myself from smacking him upside the head, because he just doesn't get it. He doesn't understand how much work is entailed in keeping a house and family functioning. He thinks going to the cottage is throwing some clothes in a bag and off we go. No thought to how the food and other stuff get there. Oh well. I knew this when I married him, and 17 years+ later I'm still around, so it's not a battle worth fighting.

Anyhoo, other than gathering everything we need for this weekend's big work weekend (we are kicking out all extraneous family members (i.e. parents), from the cottage, and are inviting 6 guys up to lay the subfloor and new flooring for the basement up there. They plan on completing it by Sunday morning, while still getting in lots of fishing and poker. Me? I'm making meals, ensuring everyone is fed and beered, and keeping two 10 year olds amused during the times they are not helping. I am so looking forward to this flooring, it's not funny - it will double the usable space at the cottage, making it easier to be around some members of the extended family. And after that's done, we take on the bathroom renos here at home.

But... that's not the main reason for this post - modelled shots of the silver grey merino cardigan are!

How I plan to wear it most of the time: The buttons: and of course, the shoes I bought on sale that match it perfectly! I love these shoes, but they are not "standing around for cocktails" shoes, they are "sitting down for dinner" shoes. (note my normal footwear in the corner there...)
If I'm not online tomorrow -


deirdre said...

The sweater is just beautiful, although to me, "modelled" means "on you"... way to cop out...

and I love the shoes, although I know if even tried to wear something like that it would be a near-death experience... they look fabulous with the sweater

happy Canada Day!! - good luck with the cottage renos - you're not planning to do all of your bathrooms at the same time are you???

Anonymous said...

stunning !
the cardigan.
happy canada day!

Linda said...

Wonderful sweater. It's a great addition to the wardrobe.

The shoes are way cool and look less deadly than thoe black ones you showed in a previous post that you wore to work.

Brenda said...

That is a gorgeous cardigan. I feel a pull towards 'basic' knits happening and have downloaded - again - the Incredible-Fitting Raglan Sweater pattern. Yours is an inspiration. Thanks.

Needles said...

Oh, I like this one. Very classy, and yet I can see it casual too. The perfect sort of sweater. Nice shoes, but I think I like the blue ones better.

Happy Canada Day a day late and happier, smoother reno's.

AlisonH said...

That's absolutely exquisite. That's an "I feel like a million bucks today and I want to show it!" sweater.

Carol said...

The cardi is wunnerful. You'll get lots of use out of that! As for the shoes, I love em, but between the toes shoes with a heel? HURT. I cansee why they are sit down shoes....