Friday, January 30, 2009


When I found the pattern for the Bella Mittens, I decided right then and there to go out and get the yarn to make them. I wanted a pewter-y coloured wool, (nothing synthetic - eww!), and like most of us, I wanted it NOW! Of course I was at work, and a little far from my LYS - I wouldn't be able to get to Needles and Knits in Aurora until at least the weekend, and that was too far away. So I Googled for yarn stores near my office, and found Mary's Yarns in Unionville. It's situated in an old house, just like my beloved Needles and Knits is - I love this format, so cozy. So I headed over at lunch time, (10 minutes away - convenient or dangerous? Discuss.) and had a great time. The funny thing is I brought out the pattern to explain what I was after, and the owner said a man had just left minutes before, and he was asking about the exact same pattern for Bella's Mittens! I left her the pattern in case he comes back - since it's available on the Internet, this is not a copyright violation.

But the cool thing is that I happened to be wearing my Kauni sweater - and everyone in there, from the employees to other shoppers recognized the yarn, and made me take off my coat and show it, and they examined it, inside and out. (only knitters would do or allow this...) The pewter clasps I got from Tove were a hit.

I have to say, it's nice to be appreciated for the stuff we knit...


Needles said...

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger.

No disscussion required on this matter, BUT

It is also a convenient and time saving delight.

Anonymous said...

I was there yesterday too!! LOVE Mary's Yarns, and the staff there. Fabulous store - you should see what I found in the back room...

Anonymous said...

well, i am so glad that you discovered Mary's Yarns! lovely place and it is "my" LYS.
i wonder who served you.
all mary's kids were my students, and they are all, well maybe three of them, great knitters.
i guess i'll have to do a bit of stash diving to see if there is anything useful to be found for such gorgeous mittens.
btw: i won't be at the guild meeting on tuesday, i'll be teaching at Mary's Yarns.
sorry to miss the meeting.