Monday, August 20, 2012

modeled jeweled cowl and an explanation

First off, the explanation of my absence...
Work has been, shall we say, difficult. I love my job - the people, the flexibility, the work I do. Love it all. Well, actually I loved it all until about 2 months ago. Now I just some of it. About 2 months ago, we acquired some new divisions. This is a good thing - I like being busy, and setting up the logistics of this is part of what I do, and I like doing it.
But, one of the divisions is Electronics - and we acquired it when a company went bankrupt, and we inherited 3 people - the ex-owner, the director of sales and a sales rep. Herein lies the problem. They have come on board and tried to change how we do things to the way they do things. Whereas we assume they will change their way of doing things to match our way, as I have a number of divisions to manage, and I need them to all function in a reasonably similar way. It's been a nightmare. Without going into too much detail - the main issue is the director of sales. He doesn't respect me, he tried to undermine me, he doesn't copy me on important things, when in a meeting, he won't listen to me, but when my boss says what I have just said, he gets it. It's very frustrating, and I've spoken to my boss, and he has spoken to the jerk. Numerous times. The jerk just keeps apologizing, saying he forgot to include me. Really. How stupid does he think we are?
And the ex-owner, now a VP of our company, is lobbying for a bigger role to play in our company, beyond just electronics. It won't happen, because he's not really trustworthy, but still - it's out there.
It's funny at times, but some of the time, it's very frustrating and almost disheartening. I know I have the support of my boss, and the CEO (who is a friend of the ex-owner, hence the reason we threw them a life preserver when they went bankrupt...), but still. It has sucked the life out of me lately, and I just haven't had the spare time to be online as I would like to be.
Having said all that, I'm getting a better handle on things, and hope to be more of a presence around here - I've been doing lots of knitting to relieve stress!!

Going back to an oldie but goodie project - may I present the green jeweled cowl?
(the colours are much more vibrant in real life)

I've shown this before in stages of development - but wanted to show it in use - It's so soft and drapey, and the beads add a sparkle that just sets it off. This is going to be hard to give away, and honestly, I haven't convinced myself to do so!


Saren Johnson said...

The cowl is lovely.

(hugs) Sometimes work is a life suck, but this too shall pass.

In the mean time, talk to him like you would a small child. Oh you forgot to copy me? Guess no cookies for you. Oh wait, that's petty and small....

TracyKM said...

Your cowl is gorgeous. I haven't done anymore beading since spring/early summer, but I"m really wanting to (at least, on the knitting machine).

It'd be so hard for me to bite my tongue at work. This guy's company went bankrupt and he wants you guys to change things to how he did it? He's being passive-aggressive and it'd be hard to decide if I'd be p-a back, or outright rude/honest....

Anonymous said...

Are you SURE you don't work where I work? My style is to keep my head down and wait patiently for the day the real s--t hits the fan. It's a matter of when, but I have hope that I will be rewarded with a front row seat to such excitement. I am really, really glad right now that I am a worker bee and not a manager.

Meanwhile, and more importantly, the cowl is just seriously gorgeous.

Acorn to Oak said...

Sorry to hear how your job is going. It sounds very frustrating and stressful. I hope it gets better!

Your new cowl looks great!

Hang in there and have a great week!

katrynka said...

Sorry work has been sucky:(

I say keep the cowl if you love it! It is very pretty.

Needles said...

I hate when that happens. I have no advice because when that was happening to me, I gave up and left. I won though because I am much happier now. I wish it will be done soon and that your knitting is a salvation.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

The cowl with the beads are stunning!!! Love it!

Sorry to hear about what you are dealing with at work. I hope that guy doesn't get his way, especially since he has already failed at one business.