Thursday, November 10, 2011

tangled loyalties

A little background - I went to McMaster University. (I also attended Ryerson, but I mostly identify with Mac - go Marauders!). My husband is a Queen's boy. (Family history, his father also went to Queen's - quarterback of the football team, 1952). There is a bit of rivalry in the house, more so since the boy has been to Queen's and has decided (at age 12) that he will continue the patriarchal family history and go to Queen's. I'm outnumbered.
I was especially outnumbered last weekend when my in-laws came to dinner, and the two schools were meeting in the semis of the Yates Cup (Ontario University Football Championship). And to top it off, I was knitting this:

yes, that's a hat in the Queen's colours. (I may be a staunch Mac supporter, but a friend's son attends Queen's and requested a hat. He asks, I knit.)

Knitting and being outnumbered mattered little. Mac CRUSHED Queen's 40-13 to go on to the Yates Cup this coming weekend, vs University of Western Ontario. The schools are rated 3 and 4 in Canada, so it should be a great game, but whatever the outcome, it really only matters that Mac beat Queen's.

Now where's my Silver and Maroon wool? I think my son needs a hat in the colours of a winner...


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I think my husbands step brother went to Queens. I have a friend that went to Mcmasters. I wanted to do the photography program at ryerson but never got the guts to move away from home.