Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I love making pajama pants. They're easy and fun. I make them for my son, for myself, and for carefully selected friends. (I gave up making them for the nieces and nephews after the less than lukewarm reception hand made gifts get from them).

This is the selection at the moment - cut out and ready for sewing.

Here's some up close shots:

Sewing themes! Obviously for me.

Elvis! For one of my best friends. A huge Elvis fan, and she works at home and is always on the lookout for comfy pajamas. (She does get dressed during the day!)

For the kid - sports themes.

There's also some florals, some stripes and some plaids. I swear, if I could live in pajama pants, I would.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Love the material! Very cool! Love the sewing themed material.

I start a quilting class tomorrow. I am very excited!!

Carol said...

Oh yeah, I wish I could get away with pj's at work too! Sadly it is expected that pharmacists wear, yanno, clothes for work. And not pyjamas.

KnitTech said...

Nice fabrics. My MIL is a huge Elvis fan also.

Needles said...

Yanno....If instead of calling them pajama pants, call them uniforms, I think you could. The sewing fabric looks an awful lot like some of the fabric that nurses wear at work. You could save the term for 'those' days and use it interchangeably.