Friday, August 05, 2011

What I've been working on

We're back in town after a long weekend, but not for long. We head back up this weekend for a full week up at the cottage. I'm working out what knitting to take, and right now the front runners are two cardigans, tons of socks (because I truly believe I can knit 4 pairs of socks and two cardigans in a week...) and maybe that Woolen Rabbit wool and some scarf patterns... (can't be caught short now, can I?)

The silk/wool cardigan is coming along - the short rows make it tough to really get an idea of how far along I am, but I'm pretty far along on the body. (farther than what is shown here). I love this more and more, each time I pick it up, and it will probably be my go-to project on holidays.

I've actually finished this pair of STR socks, except for the heels, but I'm holding on tho that to use them as a demo pair of a live tutorial I'll give my Guild on the afterthought heel.

I've started another pair of socks, using some Misti Alpaca, and have some more vintage STR in the queue. I may post occasionally from the cottage - we do have wifi, but if I ignore you, don't take it personally. Sometimes, it;s hard to look at a computer screen when we're up there. There are so many other distractions...


KnitTech said...

Don't blame you, I'd rather look at the lake then a computer screen.

Needles said...

Oh I so agree.

When you are doing the demo, don't forget to tell those who are fearless grafters, that doing an afterthought short row heel is very, very easily done. Same to picking up the stitches, then work a regular afterthought heel and graft the join. It means you can still knit without a care in the world and do up blanks for gifts for any foot even if you don't like a traditional afterthought heel.

Carol said...

Better to have an extra project you don't get to than to be sitting there with idle hands. You never know what kind of mischief youmight get into otherwise!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Love that color of the STR!

The sweater is coming along nicely! can't wait to see it done.