Tuesday, August 16, 2011

re-entry and prizes!

We're back from vacation, and trying to adjust.  The house and yard were showing some serious signs of wear, not to mention my desk when I got back into the office! The past two days were spent digging out, and it finally feels like some semblance of normal has returned. OF course, we're only in town for the week -heading back to the cottage Friday night! We're banking time, since the following week and weekend will be a whirlwind of baseball playoff games. The Boy's team finished first in the regular season, but all that means nothing - it's all about the playoffs, and he plays next Monday-Wednesday-Friday-2 games Saturday and hopefully the finals on Sunday. We may lose a weekend at the cottage, but at least they compress it all in a week, instead of spreading it out.

But enough rambling about my life - I have prizes to send out!

Julia in KW, KnitTech and Carol will each be the recipient of one of these:

**Carol! I need your mailing address!

2 skeins of Knit Picks Memories in the S'mores colourway. This is somewhat vintage Knit Picks, as I don't believe it's available anymore. 100% merino, 220 yds each. Enough for a pair of socks.
 1 skein Fame Trend - long colourways of greens and dark greys.75% superwash wool, 25% nylon. 420 metres. Lovely stuff - really softens with a wash. I've made socks with this yarn.
1 skein Palett by Sandnesgarn, in shades of blue and green. 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon, 420 metres. Very similar to the Fame Trend.

I'm going to randomly put them in envelopes and send them out, unless I hear from anyone specifically requesting anything.

And I think I owe Brenda an apology for holding a contest in the summer - I should have known that many people would be away (I myself go away often!). I'll do better next time, Brenda!

One other note - someone commented that Lucky had a funny caption - she did, but she and I trade stuff all the  time - it seemed silly to send her a prize, so I took her out of the running.


KnitTech said...

Dibs on the Fame Trends!


Are you all better now?

Lucky Canuck said...

My prize is being friends with Curlerchik, and you can't put a price on that!