Friday, August 19, 2011

cottage knitting

I finished my Silk-Wool cardigan while at the cottage. It's the Vitamin D sweater by Heidi Kirrmaier. I really, really love the sweater. Really. It fits well, looks great, and the yarn has so many colours and slubs in it, it will go with so much of my wardrobe.
This would be considered dressy for me - I don't work in a dressy environment - jeans and shorts are the norm - but every now and then, I need to look business presentable, and this sweater with a pair of black pants and top, or brown, or even green or rust! - looks terrific.
It still needs a bit of block here:

Here you can see a bit of the shaping in the front
A better indication of how the fronts drape
A close up of the short row wedges that create the shape
And a real indication of the actual shape
I've actually worn it already (dressy or not, it looked great with a tank top and Bermuda shorts!), and will get you some modeled shots soon. It's a nice pattern, but one you have to pay attention to, once you get to the sort rows. I don't think I did mine according to the pattern, but as long as each side matches up, I'm happy. Heidi's instructions are a little vague, in my opinion. As much as I liked knitting it, I'd be a little wary recommending her patterns to newbie knitters.

But overall - a win!


Lucky Canuck said...

I just adore anything where I can visibly see my increases, decreases, short rows....It's a very stunning piece!

Needles said...

Nice. I am debating wether it is the yarn or the pattern I like more. Nah, it is both.

Carol said...