Friday, May 20, 2011

Victoria Day Weekend

Here in Canada, Victoria Day (the de facto celebration of Queen Victoria's birthday) is a holiday and is the unofficial beginning of summer. It's always the third Monday in May, and since that usually hits around the 24th, the usual name for the long weekend is the "May Two Four". (Beer pun intended).

While Victoria is not my favourite dead queen, (that would be Freddie Mercury) as a cottager, this weekend means fireworks, friends, beer and good food, all at the cottage.
(the view from our deck - yes we know how lucky we are...)

When you're reading this, I'll be running around, making sure I've got everything we need (sunscreen! bug spray - the black flies are nasty!) and waiting for my husband to get home so we can pack the truck and go
See you next week, hopefully with knitting progress.


Lucky Canuck said...

Have a great one! My car is loaded, too!

Needles said...


(shouting in case you have already left)

KnitTech said...

Yes, Freddie is my favorite queen also.

Hope you had a wonderful three day weekend. Ours is next weekend.