Wednesday, May 04, 2011

please cross your fingers...

My son's school basketball team is playing in the York Regionals today. They've already won their Area, and for a team of Grade 5 and 6 boys, this is an exciting day.
For the parents, it's an exercise in STRESS! I'll be at the tournament on and off all day as the school where it's being played is close to my house. I'll come home and work between games, if there's enough time, otherwise, I can be reached by my BlackBerry, so my boss if fine with me not being in the office.
Talk about a great guy. (He's getting a pair of socks today as a thank you!)

This sitting on the sidelines stuff is HARD!


KnitTech said...

Go team! Hope they do well.

Wannietta said...

Good luck - to both of you!!