Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Knitter's Frolic 2011

This year's Frolic started pretty much the same as every year - Get there early for perfect parking, meet Susan, trade off a few things (this year, she relieved me of some fabric that I was never going to use, and she would), find a sunny picnic bench to enjoy the breakfast we brought, then get back in line for the opening.
Once in, our plan was to scan all the booths first, then go back for a more detailed look. Yeah, that didn't work. Our scans became pretty in-depth perusals right from the get-go! We wandered around looking at this and that, buying a little here, and a little there. I was after a cardigan's worth of wool - nothing specific, but I'd know it when I saw it. I was also after some Socks that Rock - now that I'm back onto sock knitting, my husband has requested another STR pair - it's his favourite sock yarn, and I knew Lettuce Knit would be there with a selection. (With all the STR I have in the stash, none of the colourways appealed to him.)
I had hoped to meet up with a few people, but the crowds made that difficult. I did meet up with occasional commenter A. Lurker, who spotted my yellow bag and flip flops as I was exiting the loo. That was pretty cool. And of course, I found Brenda, as I knew she'd be working at the Cabin Fever booth with Deb. I walked up, said "Brenda??", she said yes, I lifted my foot to show my footwear, and she knew right away!
(Deb on the left, Brenda on the right)

Brenda is really as nice and engaging in person as she comes across on her blog. I wish I had more time to spend with her, but she was working and I was shopping!
I saw a few of my fellow Guild members, but almost always from afar, and never really had a chance to meet up. Most disappointingly, I missed Marie fron Sel et Poivre. We've tried so many times to meet, and it never works - Marie - next time, we set a time and place!

While I have the stuff I bought to show, I'll save that for another day. My best thing all day cost me nothing. After a couple of years of singing the praises of my table top loom, I finally convinced Susan to buy a Cricket! It actually wasn't that hard to convince her, so I think there was an underlying WANT for her. I love the  Cricket - I wish mine was one - Mine is much bigger and less easy to cart around (I still love mine, but now I want a Cricket, as well!) I'm sure she'll love it, and the best thing about it (next to it's compactness), is the rate at which weaving eats yarn! Since she's moving later this summer, bringing a small package (loom) into her place that will potentially eat a large box of wool just made sense. (Or so I told her...)


Anonymous said...

Glad I bumped into you Sandra. As I mentioned, I enjoy your blog. Looking forward to seeing your purchases. I had a fun day of shopping as well.

A. Lurker

Brenda said...

I'm blushing. Thanks for the kind words.

KnitTech said...

What a fun time! Maybe next time you'll run into even more friends.

Needles said...

Yes. We need looms because they use up stash faster. lol.

Acorn to Oak said...

Sounds like a fun day! That would be fun to meet up with other bloggers. And, what a surprise to be recognized by one of your readers and just by your flip flops and bag. :-)

Lucky Canuck said...

Soon as Curlerchik told me a loom was a great yarn eater, I was sold. That's enabling I can handle!