Monday, April 18, 2011

summer outfit

I'm going through my sewing room, trying to sew up some of the fabric I have stashed. (My fabric stash rivals my yarn stash, and we know how bad that is...)
I've had this black linen skirt cut out for a while, but it got buried under other projects, and really, I wasn't that interested in sewing linen while we were still dealing with winter. Once the flip flops came out, it signaled a change, and this came together in no time. Really - a couple of side seams, a zipper, a faced waistband, hem, done.
The border print here is actually embroidered, and adds and dimension and weight to the hem of this skirt. Contrary to how it's hanging here - it's actually quite long - somewhere around mid-calf length, and I made it a gentle A-line shape.
 The turquoise fabric is a rayon/cotton blend, and matches the pale blue embroidery perfectly. I used this as sort of a wearable muslin - it was more a test of the pattern, since I plan on making the dress length of the top pattern. But the turquoise turned out very well, so it will become a nice summer outfit, for those odd days when I wear something like this. (I work in a pretty casual atmosphere - not a lot of need for dresses and skirts).
 And lookie here! The return of the one ball blue sweater! IT matches the darker blue embroidery on the skirt, and has flecks of the lighter turquoise in it. This is the sweater that I had to stop short on, since I lost the other ball of Rowan wool. Of course, I've now found it, so I think I will add some length to the sweater, and perhaps the sleeves a bit.


Sel and Poivre said...

'Love the embroidery at the bottom of that skirt!

BTW have you seen the pattern on Ravelry for felted flip flops?

Brenda said...

That's a lovley outfit, Sandra. I don't know about where you are but we have snow again here. Your flip flop toes would be very cold.

Acorn to Oak said...

Very nice! You're so multi talented! :-D Are you still having warm weather so you can wear your new outfit? From the blogs I've read this morning and the weather here, the weather hasn't quite settled into spring yet. I saw several blogs with fresh snow this morning. We had this weekend...93 on Saturday. But, today, it's cold, cloudy and drizzly again. UGH!

Needles said...

I figured that ball would turn up! They always do.

KnitTech said...

That's a very lovely set. Uber chic.