Monday, April 04, 2011

simple pleasures

I am a big user of technology - I live and die, it seems by my laptop and my BlackBerry. I use email extensively for correspondence, both work related and personal. It keeps me in touch with family and friends, near and far.

However, there's still nothing like letters. Hand written, stamped, addressed letters. I still love the idea of mailing birthday and anniversary cards (although I have a huge aversion to the traditional annual Christmas card fiasco*).
Because I once worked in the paper craft industry, I have a large stockpile of card making components and will often whip up a quick birthday card to mail off to family members - it's a nice touch in addition to the usual email or phone call. Now I do it because I like to - I certainly don't expect anything in return, but I tell ya, yesterday in the mail, there it was! A hand addressed, totally unexpected thank you card with little gifts inside! Totally made my day, seeing it there with the bills and flyers and junk mail!

I had sent Robyn some bits and pieces of novelty yarns I had sitting around (she's setting up a photography business and needed some for props). I'm ashamed to say how much novelty crap I had sitting around, so it was easy to send her a bunch. I was happy to do it, and certainly never expected anything in return, but she sent me a lovely card, some SOAK labels for garment care, and best of all, a Kitchener Stitch reminder dog tag!!! How cool is this? When I started the afterthought heels, I forgot I needed to Kitchener them closed, and to be honest, had to look up the steps again - this shortcut dog tag is PERFECT, and will always be there to remind me of the steps. Robyn, you could not have sent me anything more appropriate. Many, many thanks.

*My MIL sends out tons of Christmas cards every year. She insists on hand writing notes in each of them, and has a list that extends over multiple pages. She starts complaining about them in November, and every time we talk all I hear about is how many more cards she has to write. I ignore the complaints, and she ignores me when I tell her to just bag the practice...


KnitTech said...

What a thoughtful gift. Love the dogtag.

Lucky Canuck said...

I want a dogtag too!