Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anyone Frolicing this weekend?

Saturday April 30th is the DKC's annual Knitter's Frolic! Who's going? Susan and I are making our regular plans - an early meet up - early so we can snag good parking, and we kill the time until it open by having breakfast together nearby.
Our plan this year is lots of looking, maybe some shopping (Tanis, I'm coming for you!), then hanging around the lounge, looking at, and hopefully meeting up with other knitters. No classes for us this year, although some were tempting, but I didn't know I could even go until just recently. (I coach basketball on Saturday's, so I had to make sure my team was in good hands!)

I'll be wearing flip flops for sure, and have my bright yellow I KNIT messenger bag over my shoulder.

Will we see you there?


Sel and Poivre said...

I'll be there and 'looking for the I KNIT bag for sure!

KnitTech said...

Have fun. Good luck on the on mostly looking.

Wannietta said...

|Teaching & making my rounds!!

Brenda said...

Come see me at the Cabin Fever booth. I'll watch for the flip flops - I'm sure there won't be many LOL!

Needles said...

I'll be sitting here wishing I was with you guys.

And nobody, but nobody does blues like Tanis.

Sel and Poivre said...

Okay now I'm back and didn't manage to see you! Brenda told me you were there but I think there were too many people to be able to see your I KNIT bag. :(