Thursday, September 23, 2010

where things stand

I've been working on a couple of cardigans - I know, I know, big surprise... The Rowan Tweed one is coming along - I need a couple more inches of length on the body, then there's sleeves and edge treatment. This time around, there should be plenty of yarn, so I'm very happy. Of course, that statement could come back and bite me on the ass, so we'll see.
I've also started a Featherweight style cardigan using the Noro Sekku I bought in Kitchener.

I'm loving the colours, and while the fabric being created is quite light, I have some ideas for it that may make it work. As the stripes are showing themselves, I'm thinking a simple dark brown dress will be the perfect complement to this sweater. Again though, it's still early, so I should be careful about making too many plans until more of this comes out.

I do have some plans for some sewing this weekend as well. And I have a very long weekend ahead of me - I'm not working until next Wednesday, due to some family things I need to take care of. (I love this freelancing thing, even though it's short term, until my next job comes up, which should be soon - we're just waiting on some legal things to clear up in the next couple of weeks). Susan and I have been discussing some patterns, and now I feel the need to make a trip to Fabricland and feed the sewing demon... Sorry Susan, I know our discussions were really to find you a great pattern, but I found a ton that I want to make! Plus, my son has requested some more pajama pants, so I have to restock my flannel and cotton supply...

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