Friday, September 17, 2010

It worked!

So I mentioned my love of cardigans. I wear them a lot - they're great layering pieces, and perfect for the casual lifestyle I lead.

I don't only wear knit ones, but sewn ones out of lightweight knit fabrics. I have two favourite styles - basic ones that button up the front, and a more drapey style, with no closures, but more fabric and a longer tail at the front.

Here's my go-to black one - I think I paid around $20 for it, and wear it often - usually with a black tank top and black cargo capris or shorts.
I took it and drafted a pattern for it (ugly Christmas wrapping paper makes great pattern paper).

Then I cut out some fabric I had bought, sewed it up, and here's the result:
One thing about this fabric - it was full of sizing when I bought it, since once washed, it was about half the weight that it was pre-washing.
I'm quite happy with this. I wouldn't have thought I would be, since it is so lightweight, but it really works well. So on that high, I took my other favourite sweater:
and came up with this:
I'm surprised by this fabric - I wasn't too hot on it at first, but it looks really good. Especially with a brown tank top layer, jeans and my brown suede boots. When I actually start wearing shoes other than flip flops, I'll even get a modeled shot for you. (the pattern does actually line up, it looks wonky here - probably because of the angle of the picture.
Oh, and the best part? Drafting, cutting the pattern, cutting the fabric, and sewing it up? Start to finish, 2 hours for each of them. What's not to love? I still have some more knit fabric - a great dark grey cotton lycra, and another beige and green based print, so I should have a couple more soon. Plus the hand and machine knit cardis I'm working on - looks like my cardigan wardrobe will be set for fall!


Carol said...

Oooh! Very clever!

Acorn to Oak said...

Wow! You are so talented! I love both of them! They look great! I bet you must feel so good after creating these two beautiful pieces of clothing. I bet you can't wait to wear them too! My daughter has a vest that is very similar to your top project and we've been thinking of trying to re-create it. Good idea about the ugly wrapping paper! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great job! Maybe the cardigan thing has been affecting me, too; I knitted or crocheted 3 from cotton yarns this summer and I'm about to finish the Featherweight Cardigan in a yummy alpaca/merino/cashmere yarn.

Two hours start to finish on a fabric project says you're a sewing whiz!!


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Oh wow! Great job. Wear them well.

Lucky Canuck said...

Those are terrific. I have seen a version of the first one you made, worn with a nice substantial belt over top of it and some jeans. It looks really good.

Brenda said...

It sure did work. They look great. Did you have to cut up the favourites to get your pattern?

AlisonH said...

Wow. Cool. (I wish!)

I used to sew a lot, during the few years of my life I wasn't knitting years ago, and someone asked me about it. I told her I was the only person I'd ever heard of who had worn out a seam ripper. Dulled the thing, barely worked now. I was not good at sewing; just persistent till it looked good in spite of me.