Thursday, August 12, 2010

growth of a child

Marie (a fellow hard core cottager), mentioned in a comment that the boychild should be looking into water skiing or wakeboarding as part of cottage growth.
We've been pushing the water skiing for a couple of years - we both grew up skiing, and want him to experience it as well. Last year didn't go so well - I love my father in law to death, but he should not have been driving the boat during the first lessons. It did not go well, which could be considered the understatement of the year. So boychild steered way clear of it for a while. This week, we tried again, with FIL back in the city, and our neighbour a willing stand in.
Although there are no pictures to prove it, (as I was in the water helping with the start, and we kept it pretty quiet to friends to lessen the stress), there was success. He got up on about the 4th try, circled the bay, and "dismounted" rather spectacularly. (we kind of forgot to tell him how to gracefully let go.)
The upside is he like it. The downside is he he didn't LOVE it. But... he wants to continue.

The growth of my child. Last year, he would have caved after three tries. And if he didn't love it, he wouldn't go on. But he knows it means something to us, and he takes that into account. That's the kind of growth that makes us proud.

The other growth - vertical and foot size - I can do without. His shoes are not cheap, nor are his clothes, and I'd like to see a little wear and tear before I have to replace them! Seriously, this kind of growth is wasted on kids - a new wardrobe every season? This is a grown woman's dream...

Note from the comments - someone was looking for a shawl pattern - I don't have one for 400m, but there is the 198 yds. of heaven shawl pattern that I love - try that - it's free on Ravelry!


Anonymous said...

Tracy, I've made a lot of shawls or scarves or cowls (cowls are so easy, no purls!) with 400m of sock yarn. Recently there have been a lot of small shoulder-shawl patterns listed with even less than 400m yardage. I made a lot of these in Jan-March this year.

Check Ravelry's pattern search, using that yardage and yarn weight and shawls as the project type.

CatBookMom (my name on Rav, too)

AlisonH said...

Remembering the days when my kids grew a half inch a month... The tallest is 6'9".