Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ANOTHER cottage wedding!

A few weeks ago, when we vacationed at the cottage, we started the week with one wedding, and ended it with another. The second one was a surprise, put together at the last minute and was very, very casual.

Meet Bo and Lucy, the groom and the bride.

The groom, Bo, is a Irish Setter, Golden Retriever mix and lives next door to us. The bride, Lucy, is a purebred German Shorthair Pointer, who lives across the bay. She was a rescue - her owners found her up here, abandoned. They spent a lot of time and money trying to find her owners, only to realize that she was probably brought here by some hunters, used for that purpose, then left. In winter. I swear, if we ever find out who did that, the result will not be pretty. Luckily, her owners are wonderful people who treat her right.
The altar. The kids did a great job with this.

Best Dog Rudy was all over the altar.

Bo is somewhat laid back, and likes to laze on the deck. Lucy is high energy, and will chase a stick for hours on end. She is happiest when someone is there to throw the stick for her.

They say opposites attract, so I guess these two are living proof.

The downside is that Lucy is a bit fickle. This is her third marriage on the lake, and we're unsure how many hookups at home have happened. Thankfully, she is spayed, and Bo is neutered, so no issues with unexpected progeny.


Lucky Canuck said...

That's funny! Nice to read on a Tuesday, very cute : )

Knit and Purl Mama said...

That is just too cute.

TracyKM said...

LOL!! We had a mix-German short haired pointer growing up. He was used for hunting, but he was firstly, a pet. Smart and dumb at the same time!
My daughter's name is Lucy, named after our first dog's sister, who my aunt, their breeder kept (her middle name is Lucille). She was a Golden Retriever!

KnitTech said...

What a cute wedding.