Monday, August 16, 2010

first day of vacation...

We arrived for our holidays on Saturday, with about an hour to spare to get two cottages down in our finest shorts, clean t-shirts and flip flops to witness a wedding.

Our neighbour L and her fiance B found each other in St. Maarten a year or so ago, and this was the culmination of the relationship. They're well suited to one another, and all their friends are extremely happy for them.

The wedding itself was fabulous.(this was the moment they were introduced as husband and wife)

It was the perfect summer wedding - about 100 people, a short ceremony on the dock with all of us on land, in muskoka chairs and the like, and the dress was to be casual - "whatever you would normally wear on a cottage Saturday" we were told. Works for me. The weather was perfect - sunny woth a slight breeze off the lake. There were jokes, and kids running all over, there was a surprise for the bride - their favourite song is "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. The groom asked our 16 year old neighbour to sing it as a surprise for the bride. He practiced with his guitar for months, and once they read their vows, he nailed it. Seriously, not a dry eye. The kid is already a chick magnet, he just solidified his reputation with that.

Truly, there was no better way to start our holidays.


KnitTech said...

Pretty snazzy wedding. Sounds like the Groom is a keeper.

Brenda said...

I am just home from the 'north' now and catching up on blog reading. Your friend's wedding looks so-o-o-o romantic. That 'man & wife' shot is priceless.

Your red green sweater looks great but with this Southern Ontario humidity, I am sure you have put it away until fall.

I would love to be hooked up to the web world at the trailer. It is the one thing I miss most about home. Have fun on your vacation.