Thursday, May 13, 2010

progress made

The Red Green Sweater continues. I've added the sleeve steeks, and am approaching the neckline steek. It's really a genius construction - especially for those of us that not as enamoured with the purl stitch as with the knit stitch. It's basically a big tube, with strategic steeks placed here and there to be addressed later.

I love this - the yarn is fairly rustic and rough, but from experience, I know it softens up with a wash, so I have no worries about it. But knitting it up - it has almost a crisp hand to it, making it nice to knit with. And I love the colour. Red is notoriously hard to photograph correctly - in reality, it's not quite this bright, but has more of a blue undertone - I love it, and I know Sue will.

It's perfect knitting for me right now - reasonably mindless with occasional measuring. I've got at least another week where things are muddling my brain, so this will be my project of choice for that time.


KnitTech said...

You're coming along on the sweater. You'll need to take lots of pictures of the steaking.

deirdre said...

Just love the colour!

Brenda said...

The construction is interesting. And it never really gets difficult. Just keeps on getting more and more interesting.

Needles said...

Very nice. I can't wait to see the whole.

Katherine said...

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Carol said...

I love red. And I totally get you about the mindless knitting. sometimes you want mindless and sometimes you want more complicated to hold your attention. Currently I'm in nindless mode. But I am playing with the idea of a lace shawl....not so mindless. maybe I'm almost ready for thinking mode?