Saturday, May 08, 2010

I'm so proud!

This morning - Saturday morning - our final basketball tournament. Two games, 8am and 10am. And the last games my son will play in this age group. He's been a a part of this league since he was 4 - starting in the development programme (Little Dribblers), and the 7-10 age group. Next year, he goes up to the 11-14 year old group, and starts over as the "newbie" as he calls it. But this day, this day, he and his teammates made this rookie coach proud and played two of the best games I've ever seen them play, and took home the gold. It was well worth all the lost knitting time for me. And to top it off, they had a distance shooting competition for the kids while getting set up for the prizes, and the Boy takes home first prize in that, too!
But the best for me was how he played - he was a TEAM player. He played hard, but he made sure every kid on his shift got the ball. I couldn't have asked for more.
Now, I'm alone in the house - the kid is sleeping over at a friend's, and my husband is at his high school reunion. I've got some takeout sushi for dinner, and I'm sure I can find something to watch on TV while I knit. It's a good day, and it's not even Mother's Day yet!


Anonymous said...

I can nearly feel the quiet pride all the way down here in LA. And rightly so - kids taking home the gold in BBall is great. Seems to me you got a once-per-lifetime Mom's Day gift.

We're watching the Lakers, hoping they don't forget to keep playing until the game's over; it's tied right now in Game 3.


Brenda said...

Hee Hee Hee. Excuse my horrid sense of humour, but the idea of calling the young boys team The Little Dribblers, just makes me laugh.

KnitTech said...

Good job coach! Okay, the kids had something to do with it.

Anonymous said...

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