Friday, April 09, 2010

Susan's having cotton issues!

Susan (formerly blogging as LuckyCanuck, now sadly defunct) and I keep up an email exchange, often having a conversation that lasts a day or more. We start out on a particular subject, and it often morphs into something else. We mostly discuss projects - knitting, crochet, beading, papercrafting.

This week's main subject was Susan's Epic Fail on a crochet bikini project. (And No, she does not swim in them - get those saggy butt images out of your minds...)

She had a pattern that suggested Paton's Grace, and had a stash of Grace, so... it seemed like the right thing to do. Well, no. It wasn't. I got a play by play (anything in italics is Susan's):

I spent my weekend yup - crocheting said bikini. I am almost done, just
doing the ties. I have to admit, it looks pretty good and was a lot of fun
to make ... Crocheted with orange Paton's Grace, still have to sew in the running
stitches of the elastic thread. The Grace is a nice yarn, so glossy, but my hands got tired due to the inflexible cotton.

All sorts of comments on Ravelry about whether to wear the bikini in the
water. I say, stretch cotton or not, just don't do it. Don't take the
chance and have your lady bits on display for all to see. ... my opinion is firm - no way for two piece anything belonging in the water, in my opinion.

then, the next day:

Crocheting this Paton's Grace has reminded me of one thing. 100% cotton
sucks. Finished said bathing suit, but I don't like the feel. It's like a
board. Wasted yarn, couldn't be bothered to rip it out. Today was garbage day. Guess where it went.

From one day to the next, she went from loving it, to tossing it in the trash!

I suspect no amount of washing will help that cotton. Too late - it's on
its way to landfill by now! I still have a couple of balls left. Who knows
what I'll end up making with it. That will definitely sit in the stash for40 more years. Too bad, it's a nice yarn.

Which leads me to a question - if you finished a project and hated it, would you save the yarn? or just toss the whole thing? I'm like Susan - unless the yarn was very dear or lovely, the whole thing is gone. I know I ripped out the ridiculously ugly brown and blue Romulan sweater, but I thought I could do something better with the yarn. I couldn't, and it's gone. (I sent it to Goodwill, only because other stuff was going - otherwise it would have been landfill. I understand frugality, and practice it within reason (I'm always on the lookout for a bargain!) but really, there are limits. Like all the acrylic crap I somehow accumulated - gone. Some to the school for craft projects, and the rest to Goodwill. Why knit with stuff you don't enjoy, isn't comfortable to wear, and won't hold it's shape? I admit there are places for it, but even for babies, give me a soft cotton or superwash wool. Yeah, it costs more, but aren't babies worth it? (Not to mention some adults...) Susan and I have this conversation often - we are both firmly in the natural fibre camp - synthetics have their place (some blends are good, especially for socks) - but the largest percentage of fibre in a yarn has to be natural for me.

What would you do?


Lucky Canuck said...

What would I do? I'd throw it out all over again!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the recycle/reuse frame of mind. Acrylics are great (and necessary) for the blankets4canada program--knitting 8 inch squares which get sewn together into blankets for the homeless. Cotton goes into dishcloths--always welcome stocking stuffers in my family. If I don't like the yarn I'll donate to goodwill/salvation army rather than ravel and reuse. But some beautiful yarns have morphed into more than one garment over the years. Thanks for sharing. Marlyce in Windsor

Brenda said...

Like you, it depends on the yarn. If it is worth saving I rip it out. If not - I dump it all.

TracyKM said...

I have found, through Freecycle, that there is a home for just about ANYTHING. Even tiny bits of yarn pre-measured, brightly coloured acrylic for a Kaffe Fassett intarsia design.

TracyKM said...

I have found, through Freecycle, that there is a home for just about ANYTHING. Even tiny bits of yarn pre-measured, brightly coloured acrylic for a Kaffe Fassett intarsia design.

Sel and Poivre said...

I'm on permanent purge patrol in every aspect of my life - last weekend I bought two pairs of jeans so two had to go out to make room for them as soon as I got home. Stuff is not so valuable that its worth cluttering up my life - even "yarny" stuff - whatever the fiber!

Needles said...

I did have a stash acquisition phase, but I now that I am almost full, I buy only to replace, or to get the quantities I need to finish something. Except for lace. I have trouble with lace.

Otherwise, lots of places take yarn. Goodwill is great but most agencies dealing with the elderly, or immigrants always can use yarn.

Orange bikini? I'd have cut that puppy up for the rag bin. Cotton of any kind is great for sucking up spills.

Carol said...

If it's nice yarn I'll rip it ut. If it's cheap yan, throw out

Linda said...

I think in her case, I would have done the same thing. In my case, I've gotten rid of all fiber I won't wear, so if I take the time to knit something and it doesn't work, I would most likely rip it and re-use.

KnitTech said...

I've given stuff away and thrown stuff away. It really a depends on the frame of mind at the time of the offense.

jennifer said...

Please give all your yarn to charity (you know I'll take anything Sandra). Even the tiniest balls can be used to tie charity quilts or for teddy bears.