Monday, April 12, 2010

lost time

I lost a ton of knitting time this weekend. It was for a good cause, however:
We finally got the promised net for the boy's birthday back in February. (You'd be surprised at how scarce these things are in February - we had to wait for them to get in stock). Husband started the construction, and I asked if he needed help. I got the typical male response "Nah, how hard can it be?"
Well, when the instruction book lists "two competent adults" under the Required Items, they weren't kidding, (and no jokes about the "competent" part - we already made them to each other...), and it didn't take long for him to enlist my aid.
This thing took a couple of hours out of my day, but it was worth it when the boy returned from a friends, and saw it in place. The ball came out, shots were taken, fun was had, and plans were made for a gang to descend on my driveway tonight. It's all good.
However, it put a dent into finishing the hem of the Rowan sweater. I decided to do a sewn hem, rather than the rolled hem shown in the book. It looks better (in my opinion), but it takes longer. I'll try to take pictures tonight, if there is enough of the hem done to make it worthwhile.


Sel and Poivre said...

My knitting time got swallowed up by other household/family things this weekend too...I'm trying to convince myself its just springtime and the way it should be but it still feels like a bit of a loss.

Brenda said...

You lost time, I lost my book. The things that delay our FOs.

KnitTech said...