Wednesday, April 08, 2009

a day off, and a long weekend

Thursday is a day off work for me - I'm going with my son's class to Medieval Times on a field trip. I can't exactly say it's my favourite way to spend the day, but I do get to spend it with my kid, as well as some other parents who's company I enjoy, so it's not a total loss. We'll also get home in good enough time for us to do the grocery shopping for Easter.
Friday morning we'll be heading to the cottage to spend three days there. Hubby's brother and their youngest son are coming as well, which is about perfect for me. The big boys play together, the little ones play together and they leave me alone for the most part. Lots of knitting time, especially once the turkey's in the oven.
The big thing to plan is the Easter Treasure hunt for the kids. We make them work. We write up a series of clues, and they have to figure them out. We give them clues to a particular place, i.e. where they find tadpoles, so they have to trek out to the pond back in the woods, look for a clue there and so on and so on. It usually takes them about an hour or so, and the treasure chest at the end is worth it. They get their Easter chocolate and some sort of prize. For the parents, the prize is watching these two kids run around, figure out the clues - you can almost see the light bulbs go off when they figure one out!

I plan on bringing the Whisper Cardigan, the February Lady sweater and a sock or two, for knitting once I pass the third glass of wine. (lace + wine = bad.) I may or may not complete any of them, but there will be knitting, reading, movie watching, good food and family time. Regardless of your faith, I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend.


Brenda said...

Sounds wonderful - even the school trip.

KnitTech said...

Enjoy the trip, both of them! And I agree, wine + lace = stupid mistakes.

Anonymous said...

sounds wonderful!
have a great time!