Friday, April 24, 2009


There is a conspiracy afoot. It started this morning (Friday), when my alarm went off at 4:45am. Yes, that is correct - 4:45am. (I know Knit Tech is shrugging right now, saying "yeah, so what?") As early as I usually get up, this was not good. I had to leave the house early, to meet with some people to car pool because we were heading downtown to take an all day training course on some new software. You know it's too early when you can drive right up to the window at Tim Horton's without anyone in line ahead of you. Okay, so it was early, but I had coffee, and we got downtown in good time. But the instructor for this course was a bit... odd. She whipped through some parts, and then seemed kind of lost through others. Whatever, I learned from it, and all is good, except she kept us later than expected, and we were smack in the middle of rush hour getting out. I got home late. So, not one of my favourite days.
The conspiracy continues - the Universe is conspiring against me this weekend. Because I was out of the office all day Friday, I have tons of files to attack before Monday, when I have to present some findings. Which leaves Saturday and Sunday to do about 4 days worth of work.
I had plans for this weekend. It's one of my favourite weekends. It;s the weekend when not only the Creativ Festival is on, but also the Knitter's Frolic. Two of my favourite events, and I CAN'T GO TO EITHER OF THEM!
And just to ensure that I don't go - I have major issues with my car, which to fix entail either a new engine or a new car, both options being a big enough financial drain that frivolous yarn and or bead buying is not an option for the next little while (okay, this is not really a hardship - come on, I have a pretty good stash, but STILL...). Oh, and in case anyone was thinking that the universe was really trying to be nice and not screwing my weekend, the highway that is the best way for me to get to either event is closed for the weekend, and oh yeah, I think I have to go to a family dinner at some point this weekend.
I think Mercury is in retrograde... (scroll to Monday, October 6th)


Anonymous said...

flip-flop weather! YAY !!!

Anonymous said...

...and think of all the money you saved by NOT going to the Frolic.
( i am just trying to be helpful )

Carol said...

I really wanted to go to the frolic too. Alas, work did not cooperate for me either.

Brenda said...

Wow! You had some really nasty things going on. Take a break and pick up the needles.

KnitTech said...

Yes, one of the many perks of getting up and going to work at the butt-crack of dawn. No lines at the fast food places.

Icky to hear about the car. Here's hoping it will be something simple like a missing wing-nut. (I know it won't be, but one can hope.)