Tuesday, February 01, 2011

what's old is new again

I love denim cotton sweaters. Especially on men, or to be specific, young men. I made one for my son back when he was younger (around age 6 or 7, I think). I loved it, he loved it, but as time went on, the boy grew. A. Lot. The sweater had faded nicely, and I couldn't let it go. Sooooo.... I didn't. I unraveled it,

and will add this beautifully faded denim to my collection of other denim yarns for another sweater for the boy.
(the bits of red cotton were trashed). The problem is at the rate the boy is growing, if I make it to fit now, I'll be doing this again in a month. Not that I really mind (much.) But considering the queue at the moment, I think I'll be waiting a bit. Plus, he's not that much of a sweater kid right now.
S'okay. It's not like cotton goes bad or anything...


KnitTech said...

Good perspective.

Needles said...

I love reclaimed yarn. It brings a certain sort of history into a new thing you will create.