Friday, December 18, 2009

just under the wire...

One more set of completed thrummed mitts. (I'd say my last pair, but a request came in last night for a pair "whenever I have a chance - not for Christmas or anything..."
I used black worsted weight wool (Smart? Not really sure - they were in the "missing ball bands pile", but it's a nice soft wool) and gold pencil roving from Briggs and Little. My son's school colours are black and gold, so it seemed appropriate. His teacher can wear them on those winter recess playground duties. They're in his backpack, ready for gifting today.

So, checking my list...

Shopping? Pretty much good there. A couple of gift cards to pick up, and the traditional card stuffer lottery tickets are all that's left.

Knitting? Mostly done. two pairs of socks that will be given as "in-progress" gifts. One for the husband, one for the FIL. Both are used to it, and won't think less of me.

Sewing? Check. 18 pairs of pajama pants, completed and ready to go.

Food? Check. Well sort of - turkey order is in at the butcher (two Heritage birds - one for the oven, and one for the husband to do on the spit on the BBQ). Perishables not purchased yet, but time is alloted for this next week.

Baking? Check - last night was round one of the dog biscuit baking. Depending on how many we give away, there may be a round 2 next week, plus an apple pie, some cupcakes and some caramel and chocolate popcorns (not technically baking, but it does entail use of the oven).

Wrapping? Ahh, there's the issue. I'm a touch behind on this. I usually have more wrapped by this time, but I'm blaming the Walt Disney Company, and their poor timing in needing year long forecasts from their licensees. Of which we are one. And in the licensing world, what Disney wants, Disney gets. So that ate up a great deal of my time this past week. But it's done, and Disney is happy, which means my boss is happy, and using the trickle down effect, this means that I am happy. But I must get wrapping. Immediate family gets just paper (my boys don't appreciate ribbons and the like). Extended family and friends - the whole nine yards - good quality wrapping paper, ribbons and interesting bits and bobs to really glam up the package. I may never be considered glitzy in person, but my wrapping will stand up against Martha Stewart's anytime.

Sleep catch up? Check. As of 4pm today. I'm supposed to be on holidays until the 4th. Although there is some work to be done, I can do it from home, so at least I'm not getting up at 5am every day...


Joan said...

YAH HOO! And a Blesses Christmas to You. Joan

Brenda said...

Love your list. The mittens are great and it seems as if it is all under control in your world. Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Sandra!!!!!
See you on the 5th!

deirdre said...

Sandra, you are my hero - truly. 18 PAIRS OF PJ PANTS???!!!!!! Zowee...

Sigrun said...

Whew! I'm tired reading all you've accomplished. Your thrummed mitts are lovely. My pattern has the thrums in alternating positions--your straight-in-a-row thrums look so organized.

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Linda said...

You are one very productive person!
Don't you love that work at home option? I really enjoy avoiding the commute when I can. Happy Holidays.