Friday, December 11, 2009

the girl has talent!

Susan has come through for me yet again. Just when I was post-less (Really, do you need to see another in-progress picture of a knitted gnome? They're much better when complete), she sends me pictures of a necklace she just completed for her Mom.

Now, I've never met her Mom. but I've heard lots. She loves the bling. Loves the glitz, but, it has to be quality glitz. Meet quality glitz. Crystals, silk ribbons, sterling findings - this is the good stuff. (You've really got to click through to these and see the close-up work).But the best part of her Mom is that she understands and appreciates the hand made aspect of gifts. I gather Susan's Mom had input to this necklace, and there was an inspiration picture, but trust me, this piece is one of a kind. I've seen the inspiration picture, and Susan has taken this to a whole other level. In Susan's own words:

"I love it, and hope my mom does too. It was hell."
Hell it might have been, but if her Mom doesn't love it, my Mom will gladly adopt her for it.


Lucky Canuck said...

Ladies, the inspiration is the 2009 jewellery collection at Club Monaco. I figured I could make one better and unique (but sadly, not cheaper. Oh heck, it's Christmas after all). You should check out their web site. Thanks Sandra for posting!!

Needles said...

That is really lovely, Lucky. Love the colours.

Brenda said...

I'll adopt her too. Fight over her even. Gorgeous necklace.

Anonymous said...
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