Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11

I may not support any war, but I absolutely support those that choose to be there. As the daughter and granddaughter of veterans of Korea and WW1, this day is meaningful to me. My Dad was in the Canadian Navy and my GrandDad was a member of the Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment of the British Army. I have their pictures and their medals, and while neither of them defined themselves by their service, I know it shaped them and by lieu of me knowing them, I'm sure it shaped me in some way.

I thank them, and all others.


Lucky Canuck said...

My great-great uncle came from Italy and chose to fight as a Canadian in WW1. He died in Dieppe, I believe. On the other side, my grandpa was a war protester and was jailed at Exhibition Stadium for three months for his sentiments. He refused to speak of this to us.

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