Wednesday, November 25, 2009

footwear update

For those still wondering, I am still wearing flip flops daily to work. I believe the pool is still going on - I'm guessing there are two people still vying for the cash. On Monday, one person lost - she had me down for my birthday as the day I would wear real shoes, but no, I had my favourite black ones on. Tuesday they were brown. Today, green. I'm hoping to drag this out until Christmas, but I'll be happy if I can see in December in my beloved flip flops.

I broke down and endured high heels and pantyhose for MIL's party, but they were peeled off within moments of arriving home. She's one of the few people I would do that for.

Call me crazy, (many do), but really and truly, my feet don't get cold, and I hate shoes. Also, as much as I enjoy knitting socks, wearing them? not so much.

Keep the mild weather coming!


Lucky Canuck said...

I am so envious...we can't even wear jeans on Fridays here at work!! Let those tootsies breathe, sister.

Anonymous said...

Happy Bird-day to ewe!
Happy Bird-day to ewe!
Happy Bird-day dear Curler Chik!
Happy Bird-day to ewe!!!
Hope it was great!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday! (belated...) and I am in awe of your footwear. I busted out the felted clogs a while back.. cold tootsies already here.

Brenda said...

I just purchased a new pair of shoes for $124.00 Flip flops would have been much easier on my pocket book.

Needles said...

To say I envy you your painted tootsies would give short shrift to my admiration of flawlessly painted toes in November. Flawlessy painted fingernails, much less toenails have always been beyond me.

I used to be able to be bare toed in winter, but such things are lost to me now. I still hate to wear shoes but the older I get the more I need my socks.

Happy birthday. May you never need to wear socks!