Thursday, September 17, 2009

because I have to start things RIGHT AWAY...

I'm pretty happy with most of my ongoing projects. Those that I'm not so happy with, I usually discard and send them to oblivion (i.e. the bottom the the basket near my desk at home...) But that happiness does not stop me from starting something new as soon as I get it. Hence this.
The speediest project EVER. Seriously. That's the back and one front complete, and the other front 3/4 done. (I'll finish that tonight during Survivor, and probably make a good start on the sleeves...)

I brought it home from Kitchener on Saturday, and had the wool wound by 7pm that night. Part of the reasoning was that my Mom really did want to see how the swift and ball winder worked, so I had to show her and the Mohair was convenient. (We won't talk about the three skeins of sock yarn I wound for her. She brought us 4 home made lasagnes, and stayed with my kid while we were both out for the day, so three skeins of sock yarn seemed a good trade).

Whatever my reasons, I had to start this on Sunday. I really did. It was calling to me. My cotton/rayon cardi is fine with this, it knows I still love it and will get back to it in time for spring, but really Autumn weather calls for mohair. (We won't talk of the fact that I'm still wearing shorts as I knit it. Mother Nature has her seasons seriously messed up around here...)

I love this stuff. It's fast and fun, and hopefully I don't make mistakes, because tinking mohair is a bear. I love how it's knitting up, and I think it will make a smashing jacket. The only problem is that is has made me think that variegated yarns may not be so bad. Look at these colours! (In real life, they're not quite this bright - more muted, and a much better depth of tone. Photography at 6am with halogen lighting sucks.)
I must dig out the monstrous Romulan jacket to remind me of the problems with some variegateds. (I'm pretty sure I'm going to rip it apart and try to salvage the yarn for hats and scarves. I can't impose this monstrosity on anyone.)


Anonymous said...

Romulan jacket??!! That's funny. But yes, it would likely make cozy and attractive scarves, etc. As for the mohair, it is lovely. Is there much shedding happening?

Acorn to Oak said...

Wow! That is fast! I like the colors!

KnitTech said...

That is a fast knit!! Love the fall colors.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm not sure exactly what to comment.
Do I call you a big giant toad?
A show-off?
Do I tell you I hate you?
Do I bow down in absolute awe?
How about all of the above???
I bought that same kit (but in a solid and exceedingly gorgeous purple) at Kitchener LAST YEAR and I haven't even so much as figured out what size needles I need to use!!!!
I think awe has won.
All hail the knitting phenom!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll take the kit off your hands Nancy. Happily.

Kristyn said...

I am in awe of your mad fast knitting skills!!

Brenda said...

I am so a 'done before dinner' type. Your knitting is making me so jealous. Love the colours.

Anonymous said...

my, that was fast!
gorgeous colours.

Jen said...

Gorgeous colours and beautiful yarn. Nothing like going to Kitchener for inspiration adrenaline.