Thursday, May 21, 2009

chugging along...

The problem with knitting sweaters is that they make for poor blog fodder. There's the pictures when you start - "ooo, look at the pretty yarn and see how well it matches the pattern I have chosen...", a couple of "in-progress" shots to prove that the pattern and yarn really do go well together, then a long drought while you chug away on it, and finally the "look! a finished sweater!" part.

Right now, I'm at the chugging along part - I can't really show more pictures of partial sleeves and body without them looking the same as before. (I don't consider a gain of centimetres of stockinette to be that interesting...)

So I have to come up with other bloggable items. I have decided that complaining about how busy I am will stop. I don't think it's interesting to anyone, and to be honest, I even got tired of me complaining.

We were at the cottage this weekend - the first official long weekend of the summer cottaging season. We don't have to do a lot of "opening" chores, since it's winterized and we go up all year, but there were some jobs that needed doing - raking up leaves, restocking the woodpile, getting one of the boats in and going.

Plus, there were things like tadpole searching: (going to be a good year for frogs, I think),

rock climbing: and multiple bird watching:

A heron on a rock out front: some ducks: a family of geese:
there were loons as well, but I didn't have my camera when they were close.
oh yeah... much better than complaining all the time...


Lucky Canuck said...

My parents' beach has a mama duck sitting on some eggs. It was nice going out in the parka!

Anonymous said...

great photos.
flip-flop weather, at last! YAY!
for the rest of us...i know you wer them in the snow.

Sel and Poivre said...

I banned the word "busy" from my vocabulary when I realized it had long ago become a synonmym for "life". Its amazing what happens when I change how I refer to things and what I will focus on.

It looks like you had a great long weekend!

Carol said...

hopefully the birds like frog for lunch!

KnitTech said...

It looked very peaceful. Hope you go back soon.